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Why FlushPACS

FlushPACS™ bacteria and enzyme treatments break down organic wastes, toilet paper, greases and surfactants. The enzymes found in FlushPACS™ work like saliva to start the degradation of larger wastes in the system. As this breakdown happens the large bacteria colonies work to eat and remove the waste. The combination keeps your septic system cleaner and more efficient, keeping expensive mechanical repairs at bay.

FlushPACS™ Feature:
  • A fast acting, natural formula made of bacteria that continuously multiply & work to remove wastes
  • Three enzymes to break down household waste without damaging plumbing
  • #1 Value compared to other 6 month treatments
  • Low investment cost of only $26.00 for one year’s worth of treatment
  • Easy to use, one packet per month maintenance
  • Prevention against costly septic system backups and repairs*
    * along with regular pumping