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Can FlushPACS™ unclog my drain lines?
No. FlushPACS™ are not a chemical drain opener. FlushPACS™ are designed to keep the entire system from drain to septic tank free flowing, clean and healthy.

Are FlushPACS™ a chemical?
No. FlushPACS™ are made from natural bacteria and enzymes and contain no chemical additives as drain openers do.

How long does it take for FlushPACS™ to work in the system?
Immediately. As soon as the water soluble bag is perforated by water the bacteria and enzymes inside begin to work right away.

Do I have to remove the product from the bag?
No. The bag is water soluble and will dissolve as soon as it hits the toilet water.

If I have more than one bathroom, do I need to use one bag in each toilet?
No. All drains are connected to the septic tank so flushing one bag, in one toilet, will deliver the product into the septic tank where it does its work.

When is the best time to use FlushPACS™?
At the first of every month flush one bag of FlushPACS™ down one toilet.

If I use FlushPACS™, do I still have to have my septic tank pumped?
By using FlushPACS™ each month you should be able to significantly reduce the need to pump your septic system. Our unique formula keeps waste liquefied and free flowing. Pumping, generally, is done when there is a large build-up of solid waste and “caking” in the tank.

Are FlushPACS™ bacteria harmful if touched?
No. We suggest washing your hands should one of the bags break while using FlushPACS™. However, the product is packaged in water soluble bags so there should be no human contact with the actual product.

What size of septic tank do I have?
This can be found by speaking with your plumbing contractor or your original house design plans.

Round Septic Tanks
3.14 x Radius Squared x Depth (In Feet) = Cubic Capacity.
Cubic capacity x 7.5 = Gallons Capacity.

Rectangle Septic Tanks
Length x Width x Depth In Feet x 7.5 = Gallons

I have a sewage odor coming from my drains and toilet?
This is usually an indication of a system malfunction. To reduce the odor until a licensed contractor can come and inspect the system use two bags of FlushPACS™ every two weeks. This may fix the issue but we suggest having a professional inspect the system should the odor linger for more than 5-7 days.

Will bleach and chemicals harm the bacteria in FlushPACS™?
Yes. However, FlushPACS™ are formulated with very large amounts of bacteria colonies that multiply exponentially by the second to overcome any chemicals that enter the system.